Ginger & Lemongrass

Vietnamese Cuisine in Whitestone, New York

We had the honor of being featured on the well-known ABC 7 News segment known as"Neighborhood Eats." We are incredibly happy that our wonderful customers gave us rave reviews and we shared the story of how Ginger and Lemongrass came to be. We also talked about our soon-to-be world famous pho. You can watch the segment above.


  • Consisting of a deeply savoury, warmly spiced beef broth laced with slippery rice noodles and a modest amount of meat – and generally served with handfuls of fresh herbs and a generous squeeze of lime – it’s the perfect warming dish for any time of year.

  • Spring rolls contain only vegetables. While commonly fried, spring rolls can also be served cold and not fried, sometimes being called summer rolls or garden rolls. Spring rolls most often are wrapped using a rice-based wrapper.

  • Mussel shells are smooth, with a bluish black D-shaped shell. We start with sliced shallots, which are in between an onion and garlic giving a slightly sweet and more delicate flavor, then we add garlic, white wine, mussels, a splash of cream and parsley

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    The best pho on the east and west coast! The one place my wife and I can't get enough of. We come back here at least once every 2 weeks.

    Jeff Z.

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    Wonderful service and everything is so tasty and fresh. Plus, it's s great to have a place with casual and hip vibe like this in Whitestone!

    Fabiola C.

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    Just discovered this great place today, wonderful food and service, this will definitely be a restaurant we go to often, and the people were extremely nice!

    Joe T.